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In present world beauty and looks of a person are very important and essential. To look beautiful day in and day out people try various methods and things, people who are fair or white have glowing and very attractive skin and they are more popular . so for the people who have dark and dull skin. We have a solution that is body whitening or skin whitening or lightening treatment where we use certain chemicals like glutathione, vitamin C, Collagen, glutahione is useful in whitening the skin and is recommended in cosmotology. Glutathione is an antioxidant molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules and it cleans the liver and frees it from radicals and it also boost immune system it is an Glutathione is not a drug it is an food supplement that is listed in the US FDA list of safe food suppliers .

Benefits in Cosmetology
  • Body whitening treatment whitens the skin and acts as an lighting agent .
  • It Works from inside to repair the damaged skin and nourish it
  • It also Gives skin a glowing radiance
  • Helps to make pores on skin more finer
  • Helps skin become smoother, softer and clear
  • Helps control acne and pimple and helps in preventing acne marks
  • Helps to defy the ageing processes