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Med Facial

In Med-facials Treatment , The skin gets hydrated making it smooth soft and supple. Med facial gives the skin adequate moisturisation and helps in regaining the fresh and healthy look. Gentle Exfoliation with serums of skin brightening revitalizes the skin and gives it a more vibrant look. Med-facials for anti ageing enhance tightness of the skin. There are different types of med facials available for different skins and ages like Type of Med facial Treatment to avoid pimples before occurring - anti pimple facial, For women and men about 40 years age Neo collagen (skin tightening and moisturizer) Special Occasion facial which gives extra glow, Whitening facial helps you getting back the lost fairness and minimizes the effects of sun damage Omega-7 facial antioxidant infusion and free radical removal for young looking skin, Saffron turmeric med facial is people who have uneven toned skin and people who like traditional aromas Anti pigmentation facial for patchy pigmentation and for removal of tan ,